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Ninja training will challenge your athlete to continue to grow socially and physically all while
learning to climb, run, jump, push and pull. They will train in the art of movement, face
challenging obstacles, and learn flipping techniques. The emphasis of the Ninja class is to work
on balance/coordination, strength, flexibility, cardio, hanging movements, and basic tumbling
skills. Ninja training also works towards speed and accuracy through the circuits while learning
to persevere and overcome challenges and obstacles they are presented with each week. Perfect for kids looking to explore their physical capabilities in a creative, fun, and fast-paced environment
Ninja Ages 5-6
Ninja Ages 7-9
Ninja Ages 8-14
Our curriculum is designed to stimulate learning through fun for each child. We strive to create a healthy and enjoyable experience that your child will look forward to week after week. The curriculum addresses each child's age, developmental stage, and gymnastic ability. Our instructors bring knowledge, energy and fun to our program. Weekly classes are filled with exciting props and colorful equipment that is designed to excite the child’s young mind and body. Through each stage of the preschool program, the child develops a broader understanding of gymnastic basics, and continues to develop their coordination, agility, strength, power, balance and self confidence.
3 & 4 Year Olds
Parent Tot Girls & Boys Walking - Age 3
We provide progressions, skills, and technique for Beginner gymnasts through level 4. We have a very specific curriculum using the latest USA Gymnastics guidelines and materials. Our curriculum includes floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and basic dance. We review our curriculum each year and make changes according to USA Gymnastics revisions, updates, and latests trends
Beginner Advanced